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British singer Charli XCX gives out phone number for fans to ring her Lumia

Charlotte Aitchison is a British singer, better known by her stage name Charli XCX, who recently used a Windows Phone. The singer gave her trusty Lumia device a workout by supplying fans with a mobile number so they could contact the pop singer after appearing on the Elvis Duran Show.

The above video shows why celebrities don't willingly hand out contact numbers to the vast amount of fans they accumulate on their road to fame. That said, it's an interesting experience to witness. Aitchison even began calling some fans back who contacted her, leading to some humorous results.

Source: YouTube; thanks, iAdrian23, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • What's the model? Too lazy to watch the video
  • But not too lazy to comment? You only need to watch even the first like 20 seconds!
  • IDK TBH. It could be the 930 or the 830.
  • No, it's neither, it's a full plastic back and on screen keys
  • Not even. Looks like a 630. 
  • I re-watched the video and noticed the keys are virtual lol. I guess it's the 630!
  • It looks like 630 but it seems bigger :\
  • She has small hands.
  • I wonder if you wrote an article because I notified u guys about it or u found it as well. Charli XCX is damn cool. #breaktherules
  • Indeed! Added the thanks. Sorry about that :-)
  • lol It's fine. Was curious if other people like Charli XCX too!
  • Binging her..!!
  • *banging
  • Hahahaha
  • LOL
  • Per.ert
  • Lol
  • Wow omg I love XCX she always makes me dance FASTER!
  • Try this:
  • Oh come off it. They didn't post anything wrong.
  • Was it a productive comment..?? Did it contribute anything to the knowledge of other readers..??
  • I see
  • Oh she seems really nice. :)
  • She's rally using a lumia? And this ain't just a promo? Nice :D
  • it makes sense. the phone will be unusable because of all the texts and calls. so, why bet an $800 iphone when you can get an inexpensive wp.
  • Finally something other than Xbox News.
  • Omg ikr
  • Truu dawg, like wtf. Were not lil emo kids with emo hair that play xbones all day. More phone newz pl0x.
  • Stfu
  • Guess your one of the butthurt emos. Sad dude, grow up.
  • Lol bro... People who make people try to feel bad about themselves is usually very low end and pathetic so go trip..
  • We're not!? OMG I gotta get a haircut!
  • There's more to life than just phone news while you're throwing your morning tantrum.
  • When did I mention phone news? I just mentioned the fact that there are subjects and news to cover other than 'just' Xbox.
  • Yeh... It gets old
  • Looks like a 630 no idea who that is though and I'm English lol
  • thats my guess too althoguh i bet she'll dump the number once she leaves the states.USA home of the burner phones.
  • Home of the burned out women too. Foreign women are of far superior quality and im a fat white American.
  • I'm English and I never heard of Charlie XCX. I also much prefer foreign chicks. That being said... Charlie XCX is not a good example of English women, she's pretty grim.
  • she was a song writer. she wrote the iconia pop song "i love it" and iggy azelea's "fancy". now she has her own album out and it's getting good airplay in the states.
  • All this s**** and the final image you see "available on iOS and Google Play".
  • Ditto my comments
  • I know that feel, bro.. 
  • LOL. I saw that too. Which let's me believe maybe this wasn't a staged event by MSFT.
  • Which model it is?
  • 630
  • Nice! Charli XCX is one of my favorite new artists, glad to see she's supporting Lumias and Windows Phone!
  • What I found weird is that at the end of the video it shows her Music is available on iPhone and Android.... And no Windows download!!!!!
  • Lol she has a WP yet her music isn't attainable on the platform. The irony. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's weird that it wasn't advertised in the video, but her music actually is available through Xbox Music. This is not the type of music I would normally purchase, but I got it a few weeks ago because her full album was on sale through Xbox Music for only $0.99 for a limited time. (Just for clarification, that deal ended about 3 weeks ago).
  • Wheres the fcukin phone number? O.o
  • She spoke it out in the beginning of the video
  • Wanna whatsapp her?
  • Open the notes box on YouTube, you know the section with ask the general information about the video?
  • Looks like 630 and tried to call her today and the machine told me to leave a voicemail and then told me that there is no voicemail set up in the phone and then i searched in whatsapp and i found last seen 13th December 10:35 am
  • She probably got tired of people calling :)
  • Mike Jones........Who?
  • Lol right?!
  • They don't know bout that 8-0-0-fo!
  • Interesting but for someone with her stature as in a moderately popular pop star, ill value my privacy more. But nice to see she likes speaking and texting her fans personally unless it's run by her management or publicist. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bet she really uses an iphone normally though....
  • Yea. While the 630 might be a decent little phone. A pop star like her, albeit widely unknown in the States, usually uses a high end android or iPhone. I was surprised she even has that 630 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • she was freatured in iggy azelea's fancy and her last single has been getting a lot of airplay on Los angeles pop radio stations. i'm pretty sure she is known in the US by those under 30. im not surprised she used a 630. this was a radio stunt. why use an expensive high end phone? i'm sure she is not answering anymore calls on that number.
  • Looks like a Lumia 535....
  • Awe that's cute.
  • She or Lumia?
  • What's the no? Comments are here but no numbers.
  • It's in the video.
  • Most probably just a publicity stunt, 100% not her real phone. Her publicist probably threw it out in the garbage after the stunt... I just wonder if Microsoft paid for that phone to appears or if it was just "luck".
  • more likely it was because it was a good price for a decent phone that can thrown away after the stunt ends.
  • Of course XCX uses a Lumia!! She's cool!!!
  • I texted her, see what happens. I asked her how she likes her device.
  • Wow we both use the same phone Lumia 630 black
  • I really like this girl, she's kinda cool... but I don't like her music a lot... also she looks like Mariana Diamandis and THERE'S ONLY ONE MARINA <3
  • That is completely mental, I woulda have smashed my phone if it buzzed that much, I can barely stand it now when my family keeps ringing me... Lolz she's awesome, but I imagine the phones in a drawer somewhere now =P
  • Lol that's cool
  • Using a WP, and at the end I says where to buy her album, doesn't say Xbox music????? FAIL
  • I don't know why but I find her attractive ! Glad to see she used a Lumia, maybe I should text her !