Chasing down passengers with Sketch Taxi for Windows Phone

If you are looking for a simple, yet challenging game for your Windows Phone take a look at Sketch Taxi.

Patterned after the video game Space Taxi, Sketch Taxi is sketched out much like Doodle Jump or Parachute Panic. You control a taxi as it flies around picking up fares. Along the way you have to avoid crashing into things which will send your taxi falling from the screen in ball of flames.

Sketch Taxi may not appeal to everyone but the graphics are nice and game play is challenging. Overall, Sketch Taxi is worth giving the trial a chance.

From the main menu of Sketch Taxi you have options to access the games settings, view the help screens and jump into the game. The settings are singular to allow you to mute the sound.

The game is laid out in multi-levels, each getting a little more challenging than the previous. The game screen has your vital statistic spread out across the bottom of the screen, various platforms where you pick up passengers from and an exit portal.

Vital Statistics cover your lives (you have five), earnings for the game, landing status, fuel levels and current fare.

The cab maneuvers about by thrusters that are controlled by swiping at the screen. Swiping and holding to the right, sends the cab to the right. Swiping and holding down, sends the cab downwards. Gravity will also send the cab down. Tapping the screen extends/retracts the cab's landing gear.

The goal is to safely land your cab on the platform where passengers are waiting, pick up the passengers and take them to their destination. They may ask to go to another platform or go up and exit the screen. The quicker you get your passengers where they want to go, the better the tip.

I liked the sketch styled graphics and game play with Sketch Taxi was challenging enough but it seemed to lack an addictive quality to keep you pulled into the game.  Sketch Taxi is designed after a retro game, maybe it needed retro graphics to match.

As is, I'd give the free trial version a try before investing the $1.99 for the full version of Sketch Taxi. I can see the game being a nice way to pass short bits of time with but just not sure how much across the board staying power it will have.

You can find Sketch Taxi here at the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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