Check out Kickstand4u - a kickstand and tripod adapter for all your mobile devices

This one comes from mouseglider, straight out of Mobile Nations' own Android Central forums. If you're looking for a kickstand, or a tripod adapter, or just a way to hold something bigger than one hand in one hand, it's worth a close look.

Kickstand4u is billed as the "Ultimate Accessory Package" for all your mobile devices, the small (and removable) base attaches to the back of your phone or tablet, and can be used with or without a case. Using different pieces that attach to the base, you can have a kickstand for your phone, or add an extender to use with your tablet, or add a mounting bracket so that your favorite device can screw right onto a standard tripod. For extra-bonus-round points, the base kickstand is also a "Sure Grip" adapter so you can keep hold of your phone or tablet with one hand at any angle — perfect for reading in bed.

But mouseglider and company need our help. The Kickstarter project needs to meet its $18.845 funding goal by the end of August 2014. Even if you can't swing the $10 to get early access to a Kickstand4u of your own, you can still throw a buck or two to help fund the project. Everyone seems to love kickstands, and often the best products come from makers and tinkerers who don't have millions of Samsung or Apple dollars at their disposal.

Hit the links below and give this one a look!

Source: Kickstarter; via Android Central forums

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  • Rather have one built in, just like the surface- seamlessly clean. For phones, the relic HD7 head an awesome kickstand. Wish OEMs would continue the trend.
  • I agree the only thing I miss about my HTC HD7
  • The question is does it shipoutside USA? (I wanted to get one before but couldn't) If the answer is no, then my answer is also no.
  • Amazon/Ebay.
  • Well I wouldn't have said that if I didnt already check. 
    I did a search using the keyword "Kickstand4u" but found nothing related. 
    If you can find it on ebay, please endeavour to share.
  • I don't understand why you think this would be available on eBay or any other site. It is a KickStarter project that hasn't reached it's goal because it is too early. It isn't up until the end of August.
  • Actually its already being sold. 
    Know someone with one. (USA tho)
  • 23$ to ship outside US...
    No, thank you.
  • Indeed.... that's where I also stopped...
  • Project Update as of 12-11-14   As of now: * All the final working prototypes in both 3D print and CNC machining have been approved. * Since this is a completely new tool separate from the 1st generation kickstand, special attention is given for the best tool "method type" which will provide the best finished product is the main concern.  Final tooling method for the new generation kickstand is approved and ordered. * Final working prototypes and tooling method for the new Tablet Extender is approved and ordered. Next step is to approved initial production samples from the tools - if these look good, they will go out to the early adopter pre-orders. * New packaging is all in the final stages Tripod Mount is on hold for future product, but looking into alternate methods of producing short runs. I may sell the tripod stand as a separate item if there is a demand for it. But rest assured, the "kickstand" and the "tablet extender" are a sure thing and I am trying to get this out as fast as possible. Sample production quality samples should be here mid February. Thank you for your support!
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