Check out the life of a Program Manager at Microsoft in new video that highlights Windows Phone

Microsoft recently published a video on their “WorkingAtMicrosoft” YouTube channel depicting the fun and excitement of being a Program Manager at Microsoft.

The minute and a half long video introduces us to three current Program managers: Terri Chudzik (opens in new tab) (Lead Program Manager), Klorida (opens in new tab) Miraj (opens in new tab) (Senior Program Manager) and Bayo Olatunji (Program Manager), a few of whom work on Windows Phone.

A program manager is in charge of the vision of a product and works closely with various teams including design, development, and testing.

The video touches on the new experience program managers helped develop for Windows Phone with Live Tiles:

“It was really challenging, we were trying to come up with a new way to get to applications and how to navigate your phone that didn’t look like everyone else out there.”

It is pointed out that at Microsoft you are measured by results and not how you choose to get to the final result. An environment where you are continuously encouraged to have fun and think outside the box.

And yes, if you are wondering – Microsoft is hiring (opens in new tab).

Thanks to GiffDev for the tip!

  • Cool!
  • They should all be fired immediately
  • LOL; real nice!
    In all seriousness; I hope those people read sites like this.  WP fans have a lot of great ideas and can really help make their jobs easier.  Just give us the features we want!
  • many do read these sites ;)
  • I imagine they do; I just hope they hear us.
    Customizable ringtones and printing to WiFi printers are two features that I really want to see. 
    I am excited to see what these people can do to make WP even better. 
    Also, how do I get hired?
  • You can already customize ringtones for contacts.
  • True but I want different tones for different email accounts, texts, etc.  I want to be able to create my own tones and also have more volume controls.
    It's the simple things that i want.
  • I imagine the curse of working at Microsoft is the heavy handed suppressive management style.
    You could have great ideas, and see problems that need fixing (liek customizable email tones) but if the schmuck above you doesn't agree you're toast. Wasn't their an ex MS employee who broke his silence who said a manager told him if he doesn't play ball he would have his whole team disbanded. Seems they have a terrible culture inside Microsoft. (Rumour has it Ballmer pulls that stuff too.) Shame, as I see there are so many gifted and smart people at Microsoft held back by internal BS.
  • Stack Ranking:
    Too Many Meetings:
  • I agree; corporate culture tells a lot of the story. However, hopefully MS is willing to listen to the customers at some point.
  • while you are at it, fire the guy who Hired them. And fire Joe Belfiore... and Ballmer too... seriously, as a developer myself, I can't fathom why it would take months and months to implement and release simple features.... like orientation lock for eg. It literally will take me minutes to implement this, from the time I get home and beore I have my dinner in the evening. Sure, it will take little longer to think of the UI for the orientation lock that makes sense and testing on various devices/sizes. but still, you are only looking at few weeks max with bare min 1 developer, 1 prog manager and a tester. Don't understand why you need to wait till 2014 for sorely missed features in WP8 as if they are rewring the kernel...
    Microsoft, get your act together. Hire new prog manager who think like me and fire these PMs who probably have no technical background and inflate the timeline beyond belief. As an experienced architect, I know developers inflate about 40-50% as a buffer, when you have clueless proj/prog manager working with them, the managers will add 200-300% to that effort and still deliver a sloppy product. That's what corporate excess does to your culture, instead MS need to think like a startup.
  • "...measured by results and not how you choose to get the final result" That probably explains why Microsoft are still playing catch up on a the 3 screen strategy. Come on guys - don't fight against each other internally... fight against Apple & Google as they are your competition not your fellow colleagues.
  • Nice video
  • The article pic shows the top icons left-aligned like the pic from Joe B. Earlier. Anybody notice any differences in the OS in the video?
  • I noticed that! GDR3?
  • Also what is tha phone model? To me, that looks more squarish than all lumia 9xx,10xx so far? 
  • I am happy to be a Microsoftie. :)
  • Don't blame you. Fabulous canteen.MMmmm. Only outdone by Google's _even better_ canteen in my experience.
    (I'm on a personal mission to find the best corporate canteen ;) )
    Yours, Tubby Minton. XXX
    (ps. Hurry up with Blue already. Hmmmm kay?)
  • I work for Microsoft Kuwait, so it's not the same as US.  :(
    Btw did you mean Windows 8.1? or Windows Phone?
  • Good Job, you just created an international incident, how do you resolve it? Go! =P
  • Can't wait to see a video about a life of sales manager. Watch them go under protective custody once all WP fans find out who they are. Lol.
  • No who is in charge of Marketing!! They are terrible.
  • Oh I don't know, Surface Movement? The latest IE adverts?
    They are waaaayyyy better than they used to be. They don't mind taking Apple on head to head now, and the occasional Scroogled video. I think they've got a lot better recently.
  • That's easy, isn't it Kevin Turner now? One Microsoft... #Reorganization =P
  • Looking at that screenshot it looks like that is a beta build of GDR3 or Blue.  It's got all the notifications on the right side like Joe Belfiore's phone had.
  • I really hope that is an option. I do not want to see all of that all the time. I like how it is now.
  • You know what's really great about people? We all see what we want to see and hear what we want...I didn't see anything different in any of their phones than mine. I also choose not to listen to people who have a negative view, like any Ex-employees, I will always think they're just mad they couldn't "fit in" which I'll admit has some basis in how groups of people interact, it always goes back to that high school thing. There is never a justified reason to just give that kind of attitude back or spread dirty laundry around like its everybody's business...sorry for the tangent, but seriously. People are awesome. =P
  • I find it amazing that people immediately take sides (pro-Microsoft or pro-ex-employee), but nobody notices that the big trick that Microsoft and other companies are playing is, to make you LOVE the corporation. Just like Apple. This is not an informative video giving you insight into their work process. This is sheer publicity for how great Microsoft and the work climate there is. Giving themselves a good-boy image. Worthy of support through product purchase. I do believe that a good work environment will produce results and will speak for itself - but to me as a consumer, the only things that count are a) the final product (appeal, quality, performance and price) and the customer service. Possibly even the integration into other systems.
    Why should I care if the program manager is happy with his job? Because I am supposed to identify with the product in order to buy more. Just don't believe everything they tell you. Some is true, some is not, and in the end it does not matter - as long as everything is legal.