Check out this surgery being performed with the help of HoloLens

We've already seen Microsoft HoloLens used in a number of different industrial applications, but the mixed reality headset is also showing potential in teh medical field. Not only is the headset being used to help design operating rooms, but a recent livestream has shown off how it can be used by surgeons during surgery as well.

French surgeons, led by Dr. Thomas Grégory, head of the department of orthopedic and traumatological surgery of AP-HP Avicenne Hospital, livestreamed what they're calling the "world's first surgical intervention performed with a mixed reality collaborative platform." Using HoloLens, the surgeons were able to superimpose holograms over patients to help visualize portions of the patient's anatomy while operating. And because each surgeon was wearing a headset, each could work collaboratively, viewing the same model in the same position.

Though the process can seem clunky at times throughout the demonstration, it's an interesting look at how an evolving technology could apply to delicate procedures going forward. We've held off on embedding the video here because it includes graphic images of a real operation, but if you're interested in seeing it for yourself, you can view the surgery on YouTube now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Could bring new meaning to the term: Blue Screen of Death.
  • /thread lol
  • Wao.
  • Really hope that Microsoft bring HoloLens to the consumer market in a big way before too long. Maybe Windows on Arm will help facilitate this? I personally have little interest in VR (or Mixed Reality as it stands) but the HoloLens still looks amazing and ahead of it's time compared to anything out there right now. Just don't mess it up this time.
  • I do not think they will lower the price as the industry / medical / universities are willing to pay 3k. So either the price remains +/- the same for consumers or they construct a specced-down version which is not necesarily better
  • When I 1st saw this, I thought "Hmm, I wonder if they will bring up last week's episode of The Good Doctor, since Hololens was used" Then I read the article and plesantly surprised these were real doctors using it in a real way.
  • I initially read "watch surgeons" as people who repair watches and was thinking "that's a really niche market for the HoloLens", then the stupid ran out and I realised my mistake.
  • I can't believe reading about things like this while Microsoft is unable to send a text message from one device to the other one with a better success ration than 5%.