Check out Three Sixty, the new blog for HERE

Nokia’s excellent mapping platform, HERE, just got a brand new blog. It’s called Three Sixty and it’s going to be a great site to add to your bookmarks and RSS feeds if you’re not just interested in HERE, but mapping in general.

Three Sixty ( is a new place on the web for those interested in location, location intelligence, and more. Of course you’ll find the big announcements for HERE products and services, but the site is going to do a lot more than that.

You’ll find interviews and articles from the HERE team, but also from leaders and experts in cartography, connected driving, design and more.

Be sure to check out the new site and congratulate the HERE team!

Source: Three Sixty

  • Here here!
  • What do we
  • Can we tell them about problems too? Cuz HERE doesn't know where my home is, it shows my address three house to the east. If Here can't find me, how do I know I'm where HERE says I am when HERE sends me there?
    Help, I'm lost.
  • Most mapping systems have my house down the street, too. And if I do a lookup by coordinates, I get an address on the street that doesn't exist.
  • I'd personally rather have the blog called Tree Fiddy, but that wouldn't fit the content. :p
  • Lemme see if I have tree fiddy!
  • Do you think they'll listen to feedback such as, why have traffic and commute features if the mapping software is unable to use this data to dynamically re-route you according to known delays? Something both TomTom and Garmin have had for years... Then there's speed cameras..
  • Hi @JNeail, I'm Pino of the HERE team. We do listen to any feedback. On our blog as well as on other forums such as this one ;-) Traffic re-routing was developed years ago for the Symbian platform and it has since then been ported into the My Commute feature of HERE Drive. We also know that people want this feture extended to all their routes, not only their commutes. We are therefore implementing it in many of our products such as HERE Auto (for connected cars).
  • @Pino I hear you, but dynamic re-routing does not work with the commute feature, it does not suggest a better route even if it knows traffic is +20 mins delayed (example yesterday on the M1 in the UK), but it does ask if i want to update/a new route if i deviate from its suggested route. It then stores this as my new commute which isn't what i want... So all up, still some major work to go... Don't get me wrong, I love the product, i just know there is room for improvement to make it it a market leader / serious alternative compared to the others for simular country-wide commuters like me with an average 150 mile commute. As for Here Auto, its not in any of the cars available in the UK yet as far as i could tell? Certainly not an option in Volvo or Audi or is it in certain markets only?
  • I totally hear you @JNeail and I appreciate your constructive feedback. Let me see if I can explain how My Commute was designed so that you can expect how it behaves. Basically it always record your driving habits. Every route you take at least twice is recorded. And the re-routing only works among the recorded routes. This means that My Commute will never suggest you a route you didn't previously take. It won't tell you "hey, there's traffic, here another route" but "hey, there is traffic on your favorite route A, you better take your favorite route B today". We think it leverages your local knowledge, rather than suggesting unfamiliar routes you might not be comfortable with. But I would totally understand if your needs are different from how My Commute works. That's the beauty of software development: we can always make things better. As for HERE Auto, it was just an example of what we are curretnly working on and that traffic is definitively a big topic for us. Cars with HERE Auto are not yet on the market.
  • HI @haikus   Here Maps pales comparison with google  maps when comes to local and buisiness information in India I would like to add local buisiness / POI ,what should i do to manually add this places to here maps.Atleast give suggetion how i can alter the results.
  • Hi thanks for helping us updating our business listings. You can use Map Creator to update our maps in India and include more POI. Or... you just let me know here, on our blog, via Twitter (@here or @haikus) and I will take direct action.
  • NOKIA won't use
  • Doesn't look much like a blog, it doesn't have a linear page layout and clear timeline flow.