Check out the trailer for Minecraft's Ender Update, coming soon to Pocket and Windows 10 editions

Minecraft's Pocket and Windows 10 Editions are about to take a big step forward to version 1.0, and a new trailer is here to show off more of the update that will herald it all. Coming soon to both editions, The Ender Update will bring the End Dimension, the Ender Dragon, and a number of other new features that will push Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 towards further feature parity across versions. Check out the trailer embedded below for more:

Microsoft also revealed some more features coming in the update with a separate post on Xbox Wire (opens in new tab):

  • We'll be adding a special feature called the World Seed Library to help you more easily find worlds with features you've been looking for. We'll be populating the library and refreshing it periodically with a collection of dozens of amazing seeds for you to try.
  • Folks who are more partial to colder climes will find chilly locales in their worlds populated by polar bears, and happen across igloos whilst exploring.
  • MUSIC! Finally, Pocket Edition crafters will be able to join their Windows 10 Edition counterparts and enjoy playing the game with the original soundtrack. This is set as a separate, optional download rather than directly part of the main game download, so that we can be kind to your bandwidth.
  • For folks who enjoy playing the Windows 10 Edition in VR with their Oculus Rift, we'll be adding support for Oculus Touch input.

All of this comes just over five years since Minecraft: Pocket Edition first launched. You can read a little more about how far Pocket Edition has come since its 2011 launch in Microsoft's full blog post (opens in new tab). In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you're most looking forward to when the Ender Update hits the Pocket and Windows 10 Editions!

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  • i want the seed library in all minecraft version
  • Let me guess, the W10M version still won't have realms and Xbox Achievements support though. What's the point of adding all this BS to it when they still have no feature parity with other versions!!!!!!!
  • Windows 10 and Pocket edition does have realms and they can pair play together. I use my laptop to play with my stepdaughter who plays on her samsung tablet. They are working on pairing more, they have to be evenly matched as far as updates go, so chill. I've done all the xbox achievements in windows 10 too so, yes, they do have achievements through xbox live. 65 of them to be exact. Read the articles, Mojang is working on pairty. Notch had no intention of Pocket edition becoming so full-fledged as it has. 
  • Yet the Android and iOS versions have Xbox Achievements and Realms support. The version numbers are identical across all versions so there are no excuses for features being missing on W10M.
  • I can prove it too, well the achievement part at least. if you wanna add my xbox gamertag it's tdegraff7 then you can look at my achievements under Minecraft windows 10 edition beta. Since screenshots don't work on here (sorry, new to this forum, not sure how to use it fully) I can't just show you like that.
  • I'm talking about the Windows 10 Mobile version specifically which doesn't have Xbox Achievements or Realms support and hasn't since it was first released
  • It does too! I have them all. There are 65 Xbox live achievements for windows 10 and pocket edition. Windows 10 was just a copy of pocket edition which wasn't meant to be full-fledged like it's going to be now but since Microsoft took over they've really expanded on it and now with the end update the Windows 10 and the Pocket Edition will have almost all the features except for whatever new patches the Java version has made. But yes the Windows 10 version does have Xbox Live achievements and support as well as realms.
  • Sorry, my phone's acting up. Windows 10 mobile version doesn't? I wouldn't know, I don't use windows 10 phone's, I never liked them myself.
  • I'm sure they will work on it eventually. Look how long it took them to catch up pocket edition. It really does up since microsoft took over.
  • I was looking it up, it's just pocket edition, so it should be the same, pocket edition has Xbox live support, it's how my stepdaughter and I play together, connected through Xbox live. It could just depend on the windows 10 mobile device itself as far as compatibility, like how pocket edition doesn't work on all iOS or Android devices.
  • Has anyone found a way to make a controller work on Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows 10 Mobile? I can't figure it out. Does it have to be Bluetooth?
  • Probably Bluetooth, unless that's yet another feature that's missing from the W10M version!!!!!!
  • From pocket edition with my stepdaughter, yes it has to be bluetooth. Then again she is on a tablet and I'm not familiar with Windows Mobile devices.