Check out Windows 11 on a Pixel 6 running Android 13

Google Pixel 6 Review Backplate
Google Pixel 6 Review Backplate (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A developer has managed to get Windows 11 running on a Google Pixel 6 as a virtual machine.
  • The feat is possible on the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro if they are running the developer preview of Android 13.
  • As it turns out, Windows 11 on Android 13 can run Doom.

As you'd expect from any Pixel phone made by Google, the Pixel 6 runs Android. That doesn't mean, however, that people aren't trying to get it to run other operating systems for fun. A developer managed to get Windows 11 running as a virtual machine on the Pixel 6 that was on the Android 13 developer preview.

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The process to get Windows 11 running as a virtual machine on Android 13 is complicated. Android is built on the Linux kernel, allowing those with technical knowledge to get virtual machines of different operating systems onto devices running Android 13. XDA explains the ins and outs of the process.

Running Windows 11 as a virtual machine on Android 13 utilizes an exploit that has also been used to get multiple Linux distributions to run on the mobile OS.

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For a bit of fun, kdrag0n ran Doom on the Pixel 6 running Windows 11 through a virtual machine. Running Doom on unusual hardware setups is a run-on joke in the development community. Playing Doom is a standard way to show off the fact that a device has been hacked to run something it was never intended to.

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  • Whenever I see Gustave Monce or anyone else hack Windows (10, 11) onto handhelds, I always wonder how Microsoft didn't fully understand the potential for Windows Phones/Win Mobile... With a custom peripheral keyboard and a touchpad-like device, full-blown Windows in your pocket is like... *chef's kiss*! I need Windows on my Duo, with telephony. How? I don't care how! It already looks great on stupid tall phone displays, as one can see from these hacks. Also, Remote Desktop works on Android without a hitch. There's lots of unexplored potential here.
  • Just because you can do something, it doesn't mean you should. No it really isn't. Enough people dislike Windows on tablets. What makes you think enough people would like Windows on phones? A UX designed around WIMP stuck on a device designed around touch. Windows 11 is modern but its roots lye in the 1980s. Microsoft did see understand the protentional for Windows Phone, the problem wasn't Microsoft but getting enough other people to see the protentional. It can be the best thing ever but if no one's buying it it's pointless. Besides Microsoft have said why they went in Android. Apps, apps, apps.
  • @bradavon you really are glossing over a whole lotta things there. Microsoft is it's own worst enemy. If Microsoft weren't so damn focused on competitor platforms as well region locking we wouldn't be in this situation.
  • No you don't. Windows is dismal on a small device. Especially on one designed for touch. There were a good number of 7"-9" Windows tablets available for a while. They just never had much appeal, as Windows is designed for that small a screen, and touch input. If you have to attach a keyboard and mouse, you might as well have a decent sized screen as well. As you said, Remote Desktop works fine. Just remote into your desktop or a Windows VM somewhere and enjoy. The novelty wears off fast.
  • I assume Pixel 6 has video out from the Type C port. This would give exactly what are looking for without having to deal with Windows on a 6" screen.
  • It does, but so did Lumia 950/950XL. They even sold a little dock that had USB, HDMI, DP ports. If you don't want to deal with a 6" screen, you have to have a monitor. If you don't want to type on a 6" keyboard you need a usable keyboard. A mouse or trackpad would be nice, since Windows is designed to be used that way. Once you have the monitor, keyboard and trackpad, you pretty much have a laptop, just in pieces.
  • I find it funny that people are telling you what you don't want Gabe. I say people should be given the choice to try it. I'd love to see Windows 11 running on a Duo or Duo 2. Initial designs were for a Windows OS. I say give it a go. Let's see what it's like for ourselves.
  • You can try it right now. Remote into a Windows machine. You've been able to do that for decades. You can do it with a DUO, though it might not quite understand it is two displays side by side. You'll still be able to get two applications running, one on each screen if you want. Heck get 4-5 windows on there and have a blast.
  • You just countered your own argument. If I put my Windows PC in my pocket and remote desktop onto it from my Duo AND have dual-screen support, your argument stands. Otherwise, it's moot. I don't want to stream Windows to my device, thank you very much. I want a native Windows (even if gutted, or limited) in my pocket. With Android apps and telephony, and put a ring on it.
  • @Cmdr_Bytes Ignore the imaginationless, we can still get Windows on mobile devices via WoA. Microsoft, simply needs to re-add the telephony stack and release it as a moddable package for smartphones. The modders would do the rest.
  • Right? People seem to know what I would like better than I. And what's more, supported by *evidence* of their own subjective views. What a world to live in. Some people seem to misunderstand some points: when I formulate my opinion, I don't care about the "average consumer" or "business sense" or their so called "facts". Heck, I don't even care if I would be the only one who would use it if I LIKED IT and it was supported by Microsoft. All the other things people say are just noise to me. I know in my guts that there is a place for Windows to live on smaller devices. Sure, I won't be graphing in Excel. Or won't I? I already do that on Android, dorks. Will I be running Visual Studio or Photoshop or 3ds Max on my mobile Windows? Sure I will! Will it be bad? Sure it will! I'm not looking for a full rewrite of the OS either. I want my Windows, as cramped as it can be on a mobile device with telephony, that I can put in my pocket and struggle to tap a small button if I want to; with native-like Android app support. And I want to. Consumerism.