Chickens Can't Fly but they can go free in this week's myAppFree deal

The game Chickens Can't Fly, in my opinion, can be considered a new classic on Windows Phone. Chickens Can't Fly goes back to 2012 and started as an Xbox LIVE game, though like some other titles, it left the restrictive system to go 'indie'. The game later went to iOS and Android.

We are happy to announce Chickens Can't Fly is now 100% free, but only for a short time. Here are the details.

The premise of the Chickens Can't Fly is simple: you are a chicken falling through a mad lab, and you must dodge obstacles, collect power-ups, meet challenges, and survive until the bottom. However, the game's physics, fantastic animation, and overall hilarious story keep me coming back. Indeed, Chickens Can't Fly is probably one of the most creative games to grace Windows Phone and it is still a popular hit years later. Chickens Can't Fly is a sequel to the other indie hit Chickens Can Dream from developer Amused Sloth.

Chickens Can't Fly is the myAppFree deal of the week, meaning that if you have never heard of this game or tried it, you must do so now. Not only is it fantastic, but it is completely free and once you lock in that license, you are good forever! The game is normally 99 cents.

Let me know what you think of this came, as I am sure many of you are going to enjoy it. Remember if you enjoy the game please leave a review for the developer. Positive reviews and ratings help with Store rankings and visibility for devs!

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