Xbox DVR

Microsoft has been on the receiving end of community outrage for the closure of various products and services, like Windows phone and more recently Groove Music. The company is also absent in a number of technology markets, more specifically smart TVs. Apple and Google already have respective products available for consumers to connect to their big screens and enjoy streaming content. So where is Windows?

Community member "dharma teja1" took to our forum to ask just that.

dharma teja1
dharma teja1

Google is making Android TV'S . Why dont MS make Windows 10 TV ?


I'd like to see Microsoft launch a tile-based OS for the big screen, but the company already has Xbox. It just needs more work and better refinement. Who knows what Microsoft has planned for the future? But I doubt we'll see anything like Windows TV soon.

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From the forum: Google is making Android TV. Why don't MS make Windows 10 TV?