It's an important question for any Microsoft purist; should you get an iPhone or Android? If you're all in on the Microsoft ecosystem, you're going to want to choose a platform that gives you the most Microsoft software, services, and features as possible.

iOS is a great platform, but it's very locked down compared to Android. On iOS, Microsoft doesn't have the ability to sync notifications across devices or replace Safari with Edge as your default web browser. Though admittedly, some of the Microsoft-made apps are better on iOS.

James Auman
James Auman

I try to stay in the Microsoft world as much as possible, but Win10Mobile has become unreliable (Spotify hardly ever works, Bluetooth is touch and go). I'm not sure i'm going to switch just yet, BUT if i did, which one keeps me as close to Microsoft as possible? Or does it really make any difference?


With Android, Microsoft has the freedom to change up and integrate itself with your smartphone. You can set Cortana as your default voice assistant, sync notifications, set apps like Outlook and Edge as your defaults and even use the Microsoft Launcher for complete synergy between your PC and phone. Plus, there's plenty of hardware to choose from.

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What works best for you will depend on what you prefer. Do you like the synergy between your PC and phone? Go Android. If you prefer a better standalone experience, go iOS. The choice is more complicated than that, of course, and we've got an entire thread going on in our forums right now discussing this very topic. Let us know what you think!

For a Microsoft eco-system purist, which is better: iPhone or Android?