Chime in: Do you play PC games with an Xbox controller?

Xbox wireless controller
Xbox wireless controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

Windows 10 is a solid platform for PC gaming. Taking what we loved from Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft has created something special. What makes things even more exciting is the fact you can plug in (or connect remotely) an Xbox One controller to put aside the keyboard and mouse for a more couch-friendly gaming experience on the desktop.

Depending on which Xbox One controller you own, it might plug it in via USB or connect via Bluetooth. Windows 10 should detect the controller and work without issue, allowing you to properly enjoy platformers, adventure games, and even some shooters. Mouse and keyboard isn't for everyone.

Some gamers take things to the next level, which is exactly what vEEP pEEP is attempting to do. This community member took to our forum to ask for some assistance in getting the controller to work well with games that aren't really developed with a gamepad in mind. Think Civilization 6 and Elder Scrolls Online.

Hello, I am getting some arm forearm issues from playing games on my desktop PC. The games are mostly keyboard driven (Civ 6 and Elder Scrolls Online). And boy do I waste time playing. Is there a way to use and Xbox controller? I want to switch between the two - to mix it up, give my fore arm a break. I realize this may be a function of the game itself, but it would have to connect...


Are you a fan of Microsoft's controller for gaming on PC? Let us know in the forum thread what games you play the most with the gamepad and how you hook it up to the PC.

From the forum: Can I use an Xbox controller on my PC?

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