Chime in: Do you want Live tiles in Microsoft's 'Andromeda' OS?

Microsoft's next rumored "mobile" device features a new form factor. It's not a smartphone, and it's not a tablet. Rumors suggest it'll be a combination of both, which means it's not something we've seen before.

As such, should Microsoft continue to push its Live tile user-interface? Or should the company attempt something else? We believe Andromeda will feature Live tiles in some capacity, but perhaps it's time to see that interface evolve a bit.

Who knows! Tiles are still central to Windows 10 so it would be odd to totally change the experience, especially if it supports any Continuum mode. My guess is it will be similar to the mobile menu or desktop tablet mode menu. edit: I see this is in Ask Dan!! My answer remains but perhaps he'll let you know his thoughts too!


I personally would love to see interactive Live tiles, something Microsoft showcased back in 2014. Being able to interact with elements within a Live tile might prove very useful on a device designed with a pen-input focus.

But we want to know what you think. Let us know in our forums!

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