Chime in: Have you had a bad experience with Microsoft Surface tech support?

Microsoft's Surface hardware is really great, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. Sometimes things can fail, requiring you to contact Microsoft's support service for help. Your issue might be solvable through software, but other times, you may be required to send in your device for repair or replacement.

Microsoft Complete warranty for Surface: Everything you need to know

Regardless of the issue, we want to know how your experiences with Microsoft support have gone in the past. Have you ever needed to contact Microsoft support? How did they handle your request? There is a related thread in our forums right now.

Dear forum. I am a loyal ms devices customer since the release of surface pro 1. The first time i needed to activate surface warranty, after all these years was at 09/07/0218. It was when i needed to send my device back to ms for repair due to a line of pixels flickering at the top edge of the screen. My original "faulty" device was virtually New 100% covered with skinomi skins and tempered glass...


I've contacted them a few times regarding issues with a couple of older Surface devices, and both problems were resolved quickly. The first issue I had was with the webcam on the Surface 3, it simply failed and there was nothing I could do within Windows to fix it. So, I contacted Microsoft support, and they set me up for an exchange pretty quickly. The other time was with a Surface Pro 4, which was suffering from screen flicker issues. I contacted support, explained the situation, and they set up an in-warranty exchange that took a little under a week.

I know not everyone has had experiences that went as smoothly as mine, so if you're someone who had a bad experience, let us know in our forums what happened.

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