Chime in: How do you best Microsoft-up a new Pixel 2?

The Google Pixel 2 is pretty Googley out of the box. So what's the best way to get it all Microsofted up? Microsoftized? Microsofticated?

I've been using Microsoft phones for probably fifteen years - Windows CE (if I remember right), Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone. Last night I got tired of waiting. My nearly 4 year old Lumia Icon (wow, just looked up the launch date - the day I got it - and I didn't realize I was THAT close to 4 years!) has served me well. Since Microsoft is giving up, though, and hasn't let me get the latest...


It's something we're all spending some time on right now since the (sad) demise of Windows phones. Microsoft has put some serious effort into its offerings on the other mobile platforms and it's particularly strong on Android.

The Pixel 2 is my own personal choice, with the latest greatest software and probably the best camera I've ever touched on a phone. But even though the Pixel 2 is designed for Google, it's perfectly good when you focus it on Microsoft.

Microsoft's approach to Android is something we've talked about a lot in recent times, and it's a discussion that will only grow in 2018.

But the Windows Central approach isn't the only approach. So, if you're living a happy Microsoft life on Android or more specifically, the Pixel 2, hit the forum thread below and share the benefit of your expertise.

How do I best Microsoftize my new Pixel 2?

Richard Devine
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