Chime in: Are you frustrated with Xbox right now?

Many Xbox fans today are fed up with the perception that Microsoft isn't putting as much money or effort into its exclusive games as the console's primary competitor, PlayStation 4. A discussion in our forums highlights the problems Xbox seems to be having with its first-party offering, and the wider impact Microsoft's attitude towards its consumer products seems to be having on its customers.

the Xbox one has never had a real MLB game like "The Show". Microsoft, based in a MLB city has to know every child-adult in their city has to own a playstation to play MLB. I called Xbox support and they said that the last 360 game made by 2k is backwards compatible,showing again how out of touch Microsoft is. They killed off the phone OS of my choice, they killed off the bands months after i...


I'm fairly happy with my Xbox experience, even as someone who isn't a huge fan of its main franchises, Forza and Halo. Xbox's multiplatform games are doing the heavy lifting for me right now, with Overwatch, Monster Hunter: World, and other multiplayer titles keeping me and my friends busy. However, I completely appreciate the point of view that if Microsoft isn't delivering the types of games you enjoy, it might be time to look elsewhere.

With the big reorganization hitting Microsoft this year, hopefully we'll begin to see the company slowly move back to fix some of the criticisms it has been facing. Microsoft Band killed, Microsoft Groove killed, Kinect killed, Windows 10 Mobile killed, various Xbox exclusives shut down – sure, maybe these products didn't have a huge life ahead of them, but the unceremonious way they were phased out or killed off doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

For now, jump in the forum thread and let us know where your mind's at with Xbox and the wider Microsoft ecosystem.

From the forums: Leaving Xbox

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