Chime in: How would you make Windows 'cooler?'

Ah Windows, the OS of the dull work day and the frustrating school lesson. Windows still probaby isn't what you'd equate with cool.

Windows is the operating system of your sleep-deprived Monday morning and your mind-numbing IT class. Despite the amazing things you can do with Windows, it still isn't really perceived as cool, especially by the masses (in particular, the youngsters). There's a forum discussion taking place on Windows Central about this very topic, and we'd like your thoughts.

I've bought my teenager a Surface Go, and I could use some suggestions on how to introduce her to Windows 10 in an exciting way. When I told her I bought the machine, I was met with "Oh dad, that's cool I guess. My own laptop. Ok....." As with most kids, she's an iPhone user (shocker, I know) and it's the only operating system she's familiar with. For the record, she's not a spoilt brat....


Forum user Jcmg62 made a thread looking for advice on making a Surface Go more appealing to a teenager. Indeed, Windows devices have fallen by the wayside with an entire generation who grew up with smartphones, in part because of the lack of social apps (which is arguably what killed Windows 10 Mobile). That said, a Surface Go would allow a user to do things you simply can't do credibly on a phone, including digital art, programming, and other creative pursuits. Admittedly, a teenager might not find those things to be particularly cool either …

If you're a parent or a teenager, what would you do to make a new Windows device seem cooler? Let us know in the forum thread.

From the forums: How would you make Windows more cool?

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