Device manufacturers' battery life claims often widely differ from real-world battery numbers, and apparently some Surface Book 2 owners are seeing very different actual battery durations than Microsoft's estimate of "up to 17 hours." Windows Central forum user Rechell Mruk says their Surface Book 2 battery at a maximum gets about 6 hours. That's less than a third of Microsoft's max battery life claims.

Rechell Mruk
Rechell Mruk

Even with the most conservative of settings, my Book 2 gives me 6 hours at best; could this be a defect?


I'm a Surface Book 2 owner (i7, 15-inch), and in my experience battery life is right between Microsoft's estimates and Rechell Mruk's six hours. I probably get between eight and 10 hours of battery on a full Surface Book 2 charge while doing "medium level" tasks, such as streaming audio, surfing the web and writing in Word.

It sounds to me like something funny might be going on with that forum member's device, or perhaps it's running some intensive processes in the background.

If you own a new Surface Book 2, what kind of battery life are you getting? What model do you use? And is your experience closer to Microsoft's estimates or Rechell Mruk's experience? Hit the forum link below and let us know.

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