Chime in: Is Xbox Play Anywhere a missed opportunity for Microsoft?

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Back in 2016, Microsoft unveiled its plans for Xbox Play Anywhere, delivering a variety of cross-platform benefits between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC games. Further pushing its unification of platforms, the program merges purchases, saves, and multiplayer across select titles. Every big Microsoft title now offers Play Anywhere support, with Gears 5, Halo Infinite, and Crackdown 3 also expected going forward.

However, beyond Microsoft's own titles, Play Anywhere adoption has been mixed. While over 50 titles are now supported, only a handful of major blockbusters hit Windows 10's Microsoft Store. Has Microsoft missed out on an opportunity? This question was posed by one Windows Central forum user.

By my count there are currently only 46 titles that are Xbox Play Anywhere (11 of those are Microsoft Studios) and most of them are indie or casual titles. I feel like Microsoft missed an incredible opportunity with the Xbox One X to push UWP/Play Anywhere. After all, Xbox Play Anywhere titles are all UWP and have different graphics presets for PCs that would have made it easier to scale and...

Hanley Gibbons

It's disappointing to see Play Anywhere never took off among the masses, especially when interest in other cross-platform features is building. Microsoft never provided true incentives for developers to embrace the feature, with marketing shifting elsewhere in recent years. It's also hard not reflect on a lacking first-party games lineup, which undoubtedly has lessened its market presence.

As always, we want to hear your thoughts on Xbox Play Anywhere. How could Microsoft increase its adoption? Do you find the platform useful? Drop into the forum thread linked below with your thoughts.

Matt Brown

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