Chime in: Microsoft's To-Do task apps conundrum

Microsoft is a company that often suffers from diffuse focus. Few situations exemplify that better than Microsoft's weird task apps conundrum.

Across Cortana, the Microsoft Launcher, Wunderlist, and Microsoft To-Do, Redmond has four separate services potentially for creating To-Do lists and tasks. Even more if you consider tasks lists you can create in Outlook and beyond.

Each of these services has different levels of integration with other Microsoft products, creating a frustrating mess for users. "Which tasks app should I use?" And so on.

We'd like to hear your thoughts on what Microsoft should do with these apps.

MS is all about productivity. One of my tools I use daily is MS To-Do. An I am frustrated that there is such a bad integration of this app (and wunderlist) into MS other products. Especially into the arrow launcher in Android which has its very own todo-solution. So, will MS ever merge the various todo-approaches? And why did this not happen already? Would like to hear your opinion on that :)...


Personally I think Microsoft should just flatly merge all of their apps under either Wunderlist or Microsoft To-Do, and work in this direction is also progressing, with Wunderlist being deprecated. However, I feel that Wunderlist is already out there, and frankly, has a better brand proposition than Microsoft To-Do, which could put users off simply for having "Microsoft" in its name.

Either way, integrating that single app across all of Microsoft's products and services, including Cortana, emails, and beyond, should be a priority for the company. Alas, very little movement has occurred thus far, in typical Microsoft style.

What do you think? Jump in the forum thread and let us know.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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