Chime in: Is the new Surface Pro m3 a bad buy?

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's 2-in-1 solution that works with an attachable keyboard and Surface Pen. It's great for drawing and taking notes, and with plenty of configuration options available, there's a Surface Pro out there for most people. However, the Surface Pro experience hasn't been perfect for everyone.

Windows Central forum member LukeLog recently created a thread explaining their experience with the Core m3 version of the Surface Pro. According to LukeLog, it's been a letdown so far, with the updates taking too long and the touchscreen randomly failing.

Firstly a bit of back story. almost 2 years ago now I bought an SP4 i7, I'm a commercial director and thought it would be good for writing up scripts, drawing storyboards and some basic editing when on the road. I found it to be a nightmare, very buggy and the pen latency just wouldn't allow me the accuracy I needed. I sold it after 3 weeks and picked up an Ipad pro and pencil. Drawing on the...


There are some replies to the original post already, with a few people saying that higher-end configurations (Core i5 and Core i7) seem to run much better and without as many problems. There are also some answers confirming the original post that the Core m3 version has performance issues.

Considering the price difference between the Core m3 and the Core i5 versions is about $200, would you spend a bit more on the latter device or try your luck with the former? Drop into the forum thread and let LukeLog know what you think!

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