Chime in: Share your best Windows 10 Mobile memories

Windows 10 Mobile is no more. After Microsoft confirmed that its Windows phone platform is no longer a focus, people across the web began reminiscing about their favorite and not-so-favorite times using Windows phone. The same thing happened in our forums.

The best memory is on my trip to Ireland in 2014. Three of us went there for work. We decided to go see some sights around Kilkenny and in County Waterford. I had a Lumia 810 on TMO which I had downloaded the map of Ireland. My two coworkers were on Sprint and had iPhone 5 devices. We used my phone as a GPS tooling around using signal but no actual data and my colleagues were wondering why they...


We're interested in hearing some of your best Windows 10 Mobile (or Windows phone in general) memories. I have a few that stand out, including the first time I picked up a Lumia 925 with that gorgeous OLED display and aluminum frame. Another was when Microsoft added the notification center to Windows Phone 8.1. And of course, that Lumia McLaren ...

Your best memories likely differ from mine, and that's great. We want to hear about them, and we have an entire forum dedicated to this very topic. Our community members are already sharing their stories, and you should too! So hit the link below and chime in.

Reminisce of a good time you had with Windows 10 Mobile

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