Chime in: Have you had good or bad experiences with Chuwi devices?

Chuwi produces some affordable Windows 10 devices, the LapBook being one we positively reviewed for offering exceptional value. Still, it's a budget brand and some consumers find it difficult to take the plunge in case there's an issue with the build quality and accompanying support channels.

This is a concern shared by community member Faris FS:

Hi. Can anyone share their long term experience with Chuwi hardware, preferably on the Surbook mini? I'm thinking of buying it for my primary device (I'm on a tight budget) but I'm concerned with the longevity of the devices. I'm considering a less attractive Lenovo yoga 310 as an alternative.

Faris FS

I've not owned a Chuwi device before, but have used the LapBook a few times. Build quality seemed OK for the price, but when you've grown accustomed to what ASUS can produce, with better internals at a reasonable price, it's difficult to not overlook the cheaper feel and lack of thrill. Still, at the absolute budget end of the spectrum, you can't go wrong with the price, as long as you purchase one from a reputable retailer.

How about you? Do you own a Chuwi Windows 10 PC? Let us know all about your experiences.

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