Chime in: Share your Surface horror stories

Microsoft Surface Book 2
Microsoft Surface Book 2 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Back in 2017, trusted recommendations site, Consumer Reports, made headlines after blasting Microsoft's Surface lineup for reliability issues. Polling over 90,000 subscribers, it failed to recommend the premium collection of PC and tablets, potentially delivering a heavy hit to sales. Our Executive Editor, Daniel Rubino, questioned its findings at the time while diving deeper into Consumer Reports' methodology.

Consumer Reports just recently reversed its stance on Surface, now recommending the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and Surface Book 2 to consumers. However, we're still not short on horror stories from Windows Central readers, as seen in one recent post in our forums.

I’m considering this a cathartic experience, however there are some nuggets of wisdom in it, if anyone cares to read. First – I’ve been a Windows (Microsoft) fan all my life. I’ve never bought into the stylized veneer of other products. I’ve just wanted things to work, and work well. Sometimes MS has hit and sometimes missed, but it’s always worked to get better. I’ve been a small business...


While Windows Central recommends most of the Surface line, there are some issues that can't be ignored. Are you a Surface user? We want to hear your thoughts on the topic and any horror stories you've had over the years. Drop into the forum thread linked below and share your thoughts.

Matt Brown

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