Late last month, rumors surfaced surrounding a potential acquisition of Electronic Arts by Microsoft. Detailed in a report by Polygon, sources "close to Microsoft" indicated the company was looking to drop tens of billions on the video games publisher.

With little backing for this claim and misalignment from Microsoft's recent focus, such an acquisition isn't expected anytime soon. But as one of the biggest companies in gaming, Electronic Arts would be a powerhouse to drive the Xbox brand, with a strong library of established franchises and services.

Alternatively, such a deal is questionable, especially with Electronic Arts valued in the region of $35 billion. Microsoft also continues to shift away from its consumer services, making a large-scale gaming purchase unlikely.

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This discussion recently sparked on our forums, with Windows Central community members sharing their thoughts on the rumor.

Richard Loveridge

Hmmmm. This would be a good acquisition foe their game pass vision. Like Disney are doing with their subscription service and Fox. Microsoft looking to buy EA claim industry rumours | Metro News


I personally, for better or for worse, just can't see such a big Xbox-centric, consumer-oriented deal going down under Nadella.


But as always, we want to hear your thoughts. Do you think Microsoft should take Electronic Arts onboard? Or is such an investment too large (or risky) even for Microsoft? Drop into the forum thread linked below and share your thoughts on the topic.

From the forum: Rumour - Microsoft to Buy EA