Chime in: Should you buy a Surface Go or Lenovo Tablet 10?

Surface Go
Surface Go (Image credit: Windows Central)

The new Surface Go is winning plenty of fans, not least the staff and many readers at Windows Central. But, while it's easy to recommend, it's not the only option if you're looking for a top quality, small, Windows 10 tablet PC.

The latest Windows Central forums discussion is polling for opinions on the Lenovo Tablet 10 compared to the Surface Go.

What does everyone think of the new Lenovo Think pad 10 tablet? With the $529 starting price, it comes with a stylus and the keyboard, with 4gb and 64gb Emma storage. It comes with Celeron N4100 which is faster than the Pentium Gold 4450y according to benchmarks at cpumarks. UserBenchmark: Intel Celeron N4100 vs Pentium Gold 4415Y With all the accessories included AND a faster CPU at a...


Both of these tablets are similarly priced, have optional keyboards and digital pens, and similar hardware specs. The Surface Go is a little more powerful with an Intel Pentium processor compared to a Celeron in the Lenovo, and of course, has the trademark Surface kickstand.

The Lenovo is purely a tablet with a clip-on keyboard. But Lenovo makes great keyboards and very solid, well-made hardware. So there's certainly a reason to consider it.

If you've any experience of either or both of these two tablets, be sure to stop by the forums thread linked below.

Lenovo Tablet 10 VS Surface Go

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