Chime in: Should you clean install Windows 10 when you get a new SSD?

Changing the drive your Windows 10 install is on isn't nearly as painful as it once was. In fact, assuming you've got a spare hour or so, it's actually a very simple process. But one question remains: Should you clone the existing drive to the new one or do a clean install?

That's what one Windows Central Forums member is asking.

So i purchased a new Samsung EVO 860 500GB SSD from Amazon, now i wonder should i clone my old 1TB hard drive to the new SSD or do a clean install of windows? my data currently occupy 350GB of 1TB but its divided in 3 drives. So i m wondering what is the best approach? clone or clean install and later copy personal files to new drive. also i have read that there should be some space left in...

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In the case above, the advice would always be to clean install. Personally, that would be the approach I would, and always do take. Cloning software is pretty good, but I've had problems with cloned drives in the past. Clean installs and then reinstating apps and data has always worked the best.

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