The debate between TVs and monitors isn't new, with benefits and drawbacks to using either category with gaming consoles. While TVs have long-dominated the living room, monitors are becoming increasingly enticing for those chasing the best Xbox One experiences. And with AMD FreeSync, 1440p resolution, and 120Hz refresh rates all adopted on Xbox One X and Xbox One S, traditionally PC-oriented features are now available to the masses.

One Windows Central forum user recently touched on using Xbox One with monitors, asking for opinions on the best hardware. While the large displays and curated media features of TVs are a great accompaniment to Xbox One, high-end monitors provide additional headroom with their advances.


I was looking to maybe create a Xbox gaming setup. I was looking through YouTube videos and every website to find the right stuff. Everyone recommended a moniter. But do I need to spend all that money on a pc even though I just want to use a Xbox?


While many Windows Central team members use PC monitors for Xbox gaming, TVs are still ideal for fully immersive experiences. But as always, we want to hear from you.

Do you recommend using a TV or monitor with your console? Which monitors do you recommend for Xbox One? Drop into the forum thread linked below with your thoughts.

From the forums: Xbox One gaming on a monitor