Chime-in: What do you think of Sea of Thieves so far?

Sea of Thieves Find Kraken
Sea of Thieves Find Kraken (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming pirate multiplayer game from the legendary Rare, exclusive to the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. In Sea of Thieves, crews of up to four players can sail around a vast oceanic world, solving riddles, finding treasure, battling mythical creatures (including the Kraken), all while earning piles of cosmetic rewards.

Still, there are many unanswered questions that remain about the game, and I've still seen plenty of people still unsure about whether or not Sea of Thieves is the game "for them." So, I thought I'd create a forum thread where we can discuss anything and everything Sea of Thieves, as we head towards the game's planned March 20, 2018, launch date.

So our huge Sea of Thieves content drop just shipped, and I figured I'd create a place for us to discuss the game, any outstanding questions, and beyond. I'm still curious as to how the end game systems will play out, and how much there will be to discover in the game, but I'm pretty excited for what we were shown at Rare, and also hints and teases about on-going additional content drops that...

Jez Corden

Is Sea of Thieves your kind of game? What concerns do you still have? Is there anything about the game you're still unsure about? Jump in the forum thread and let's discuss it!

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