Sea of Thieves limited-edition Xbox One controller hands-on (video)

While Microsoft isn't doing a limited-edition console or even a collector's edition for Sea of Thieves, the company is putting out a wide array of nifty accessories for fans to celebrate the game, ahead of its launch on March 20, 2018.

Joining a long line of epic custom Xbox One controllers is this brand new Sea of Thieves gamepad, which sports all sorts of unique features and details.

Not a controller for land lovers ...

The Sea of Thieves controller is functionally the same as the most up to date Xbox One controllers, complete with lightly textured grips, a 3.5mm socket for headsets, and Bluetooth capabilities for use on Windows 10 devices. The controller's headline features are its design and details, which bring Rare's upcoming pirate adventure to life.

The controller uses a deep purple color, as though it were plucked straight from the ocean depths. It's accented with neon green coral patterns, and pockmarked with small indentations that resemble barnacles and give it a lovely textured feel.

The use of green appears both on the lettering of the buttons and on a bright Sea of Thieves skull logo directly in the center of the controller, and the coloring hides a secret. This controller glows in the dark, and it is reminiscent of the luminescent creatures that well in the game's abyssal deep.

The plastics are lightly translucent as well, which gives the controller additional liquidity. The left joystick is accentuated with compass directions, and the reverse of the controller sports two interesting skeletal unicorn emblems, as well as a single golden trigger.

Microsoft has been doing a bang up job with its custom controller designs, and this Sea of Thieves edition is no different. It's currently available for $74.99 while stocks last. Microsoft doesn't intend to make any more once the stocks run dry, so if you want one, act now.

The controller also comes with some unique outfits for Sea of Thieves, as well as 14 days worth of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live, effectively giving you two weeks of access to Sea of Thieves itself.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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