Chime in: What is the best Android keyboard for Windows phone fans?

With Windows 10 Mobile nearing the end of its life, many of us have ditched our Lumia devices for Android. Android might have a great app ecosystem, but many features just aren't as good as Windows 10 Mobile, keyboards being one of them.

Forum user Jeevan Pulluru created a discussion about this topic on our forums, and we'd like to hear your thoughts.

Even As On Today, I Still Miss the windows 10 mobile keyboard. More precisely I miss the Precision stick control directly on the keyboard layout. Have used bunch of keyboards (Gboard, swiftkey, etc....)on my android phone for sometime & stuck to blackberry Keyboard as of now Since it has got some precision stick control built right into the keyboard but I hate the fact that I"ve to switch to...

Jeevan Pulluru

For a time, the "Word Flow" keyboard on Windows 10 Mobile held the world record for swipe writing, and while Windows 10 Mobile's virtual keyboard has arguably been outpaced by some of its Android rivals, for those who were used to it, the Windows Mobile one still remains the best option.

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We'd like to hear what Android keyboards you guys are using on your phones. I couldn't really stand any of the options I tried on Android, and actually devolved back to a full hardware QWERTY on the BlackBerry KEYone. In fact, it has gotten to the point where I actually prefer the KEYone's precision and speed over Windows 10 Mobile's, or even Windows Phone 8.1, which many felt had a better algorithm.

So what's your take? Jump in the forum thread and let us know.

From the forums: Best Alternative Android keyboard for Windows 10 Mobile users?

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