Chime in: What laptop would you recommend with an Intel Core i5 processor?

Choosing the right laptop can be quite the challenge, especially if you're unsure as to what you will need in terms of components. However, even if you know you want something with an Intel Core i5 processor inside, there are still so many options to choose from. Budget offerings are coming better equipped while more expensive premium laptops having optional extras that can really push the price beyond available budget.

Community member Ayushi111 is looking for some advice on choosing a new notebook to purchase:

Hello Everyone, I am planning to buy i5 processor laptop both for my office and home use. Can anyone please suggest me a good Laptop?


The real answer depends on exactly what someone wants to do with a notebook. If it's gaming, there's going to be some further cost involved to bag a GTX 1050 or above, while if it's for work and college you can get away with a more affordable Ultrabook. In general, it's easy to locate a notebook with an Intel Core i5 processor in the ranges of anywhere between $300 and around $1,500 for a Surface Book 2. The former being budget offerings and the latter sporting the latest innovations.

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