Chime in: What does Microsoft need to do to fix Windows 10 tablet mode?

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Using Windows 10 on a tablet is similar to the desktop and laptop experience, but it's also slightly different. Microsoft has a special tablet mode that offers additional functionality for those using portable touchscreen devices. This mode isn't without issues, however, and our contributing writer Sean Endicott went into some detail on five improvements he'd like to see Microsoft implement.

On that same note, a community member took to our forums to talk about Windows 10 tablet mode and how it isn't as good as it could be.

Will MS improve it's tablet mode this year ?

dharma teja1

I do not use the tablet mode too much since a lot of my time on my Surface is while using the Touch Cover. I do agree with the suggestions Endicott put forward, though.

Do you use Windows 10 in tablet mode? Let us know what you'd like to see improved over on our forum.

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