Chime in: What's the best Windows 10 ereading app?

Reading might not be as popular of a hobby as it once was, but the many who do still read usually split their time between classic paper, glue, and ink books and ebooks. Jumping into the ebook world comes with some benefits. You can store thousands of books on a device that you carry around with you, and you can usually find cheaper versions than what you'd pay for a physical copy. However, you have a decision to make. Which app do you use for reading?

Windows Central Writer Sean Endicott recently wrote an article comparing the Freda and Kindle apps. They both have their strengths and weaknesses — Kindle has access to Amazon's massive library but doesn't support many popular ebook formats, whereas Freda supports plenty more formats but doesn't have as many accessibility options — so there's no real definitive answer for everyone.

A related Windows Central forum post asks whether Freda or Kindle is better, but there's no reason you can't share a different favorite.

Even the thickest PC is lighter than a stack of books, but picking a reading app on Windows 10 isn't cut and dry. Reading books on electronic devices as about as mainstream as reading off of ink and paper, but picking an ecosystem to read your books on can be challenging. You have to weigh your decision based on the devices you own, what you plan to buy, and the type of content that you'd like...

The final decision comes down to what other devices you own, what type of content you enjoy most, and whether or not you already have a lot of ebooks saved in a certain format. Care to share which app you use for reading on Windows 10? Drop by the forum and lay out your reasons for supporting your favorite ereader app!

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