Chime in: What's your favorite Xbox One controller?

Whether you like Microsoft's gradient-style Dawn Shadow controller, the premium Xbox Elite controller, or a custom-made Xbox Design Lab controller, Microsoft has something for everyone.

That's why we're asking you which of Microsoft's sizeable controller library is your favorite?

It’s not hard to find great Xbox One controllers. Microsoft makes a few different quality options — and then there’s the Xbox Design Lab for endless customization — and the Windows Central team is partial to the Xbox One Elite controller. But we’re also big fans of the Scuf Elite and Razer Wolverine. Check out our list of the best Xbox controllers for more specifics. But controller preference...

Al Sacco

Personally, my favorite is my very own custom painted Twin Peaks controller, made by a company called Controller Chaos, shown in the image above.

Jump in the forum thread and post yours!

From the forum: What's your favorite Xbox One controller?

Jez Corden
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