Chime in: What's your laptop bag of choice?

It's a bit of a boring thought, buying a laptop bag, but in today's climate of expensive, somewhat fragile portable computers, it's a really important thing to consider.

And that's why we're looking for some crowdsourced information from the community on what your favorite is.

Last week, the writers and editors from Windows Central published a post showcasing our favorite laptop bags. And they're all great options. But there are so many different bags out there, and we only spotlighted a small number of them. What is your favorite laptop bag? Why? What makes it so special. Let me know and include a link (preferrably one on Amazon) so everyone reading this can check...

Al Sacco

The Windows Central team recently showcased our own favorite bags of holding and there's a pretty good mix in there. Some fancy, some less so, all great bags to both carry and protect today's top laptops.

But while we are wise and make great choices (no, really, we are, hadn't you heard?), there are way more than nine great laptop bags in the world. So hit the forums thread linked below and let us know what you're using and why you love it!

Your favorite laptop bag?

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