Chime in: Your favorite laptops for video editing

Razer Blade Pro
Razer Blade Pro

It's easy to get a lot done in front of a desktop PC, especially when it comes to video editing. Taking full advantage of the available performance, rendering projects and making edits doesn't take very long if you have a moderately capable PC. For laptops, it's usually a different story. Portable computers can come with lesser powerful CPUs, GPUs, slower RAM, and storage. All this makes for a terrible video editing workstation, but there are viable options out there.

Community member leviathan18 took to our forum to ask for some recommended notebooks.

Hello guys, I need a laptop that is light and thin ( I dont need razor thin) that has the power to edit 4K video from a DJI Phantom and the photos from my canon 5ds (50mp) I use: adobe premiere pro adobe photoshop, sometimes lightroom capture one alien skins exposure x3


We recently rounded up a shortlist of devices that can be used for video editing. The main factors you need to consider is the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and — of course — price. Speed is everything and you need all components to work well with one another, allowing video editing suites like Adobe Premiere Pro to handle huge projects.

From the forum: Portable laptop for photo and video editing

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