China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) is demanding a "written explanation within 20 days" from Microsoft over queries about Windows and Office compatibility. Earlier this month, the Chinese government launched an antitrust investigation into Microsoft centred around the bundling of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player with the Windows operating system.

Microsoft, after being accused of not being fully transparent when it comes to disclosure of Windows and Office sales data in the country, has stated to Reuters that it was "serious about complying with China's laws and committed to addressing SAIC's questions and concerns".

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Meanwhile, the Chinese government is intent on reducing its reliance on the Redmond-based software giant, and has announced a homegrown OS, which will be launched later this year. Although not confirmed by Microsoft, Satya Nadella is believed to visit the country later this month to smoothen relations with the Chinese government.

Source: SAIC; Via: Neowin