CHOETECH's Qi wireless charger is choice for bedside battery boosts

This design is somewhat similar to that of the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad, with its translucent plastic rim that illuminates when charging initiates. A soft rubber ring sits on the surface to assist in keeping your smartphone in one place while charging off its single coil. The center of the pad features more of a glossy plastic with the CHOETECH logo.

Underneath the 3.3-inch pad is another rubber ring that keeps the charger itself from sliding on any surface. You get a 4ft. white microUSB cable with the CHOETECH wireless charging pad, but no wall adapter. The most unique feature is the built-in smart lighting sensor that can keeps the charging LED glowing blue while there's enough light in the room. When the lights go out, its LED will turn off, but still continue to boost your battery. While there are many charging pads available simply without any lights, this particular charger caters to those who prefer both options, but without blinding lights at night. Keep in mind, though, there isn't a way to enable the light in the dark — in case you prefer its soft blue glow at your bedside.

You can expect the typical 1A slow charge with this unit, with safety features that prevent overcharging and overheating. Only 0.7-inches in thickness and weighing in at 2.25oz, it's very slim, and looks nice aesthetically just about anywhere you decide to use it for all your wireless charging needs. At a reasonable $19.99 price point matched with an 18-month warranty, the CHOETECH Qi Wireless Charger is a solid choice worth checking out.

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Brent Zaniewski