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Chuwi's budget Hi13 2-in-1 goes on pre-order for $349

The Chuwi Hi13, the latest flagship tablet from the Chinese budget manufacturer, is now up for grabs. Packing Windows 10 and some good looks, the Hi13 is now on pre-order for $349 (opens in new tab).

If you take one good look at the Hi13, it's likely "Surface clone" will be the first phrase that comes to mind. And while that's true on the outside, Chuwi's latest offering is much more modest internally. On the inside, the Hi13 is powered by an Intel Celeron N3450 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. As for the screen, you're looking at a 13.5-inch affair with a 3000x2000 resolution.

The detachable keyboard and stylus support are sure to draw more Surface comparisons, and a bevy of ports ranging from USB-C to Micro HDMI and full USB mean you shouldn't have trouble adding peripherals. That said, the Hi13 isn't for anyone looking for top-of-the-line performance, and is better compared to its predecessor, the Hi12. Besides a screen size bump, the Hi13 features a respectable bump up from the Hi12's Intel Atom x5-Z8300 processor.

If you're in the market for a budget tablet for browsing the web or streaming, the Hi13 looks like it might be worth considering — particularly at its low price point. At the moment, it's only available for pre-order from GearBest, but we expect it will hit Amazon before too long. Should you choose to pick one up, units are set to start shipping from GearBest sometime after March 19.

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  • I'd never deal with gearbest again. In the US they were a total fraud, had to sic Payphone them to get a refund on a device that never shipped n 3 months. Mild interest in this product for a consumption device, but never again from gearbest. Neverl
  • Strongly, strongly agree.  I don't mind me a cheap Chinese tablet now and then, especially for the kids ... but I've been burnt by GearBest *twice*, and will never, NEVER go near them again.
  • I lose respect for this's site when they even suggest gearbest
  • They didnt suggest gearbest. It's only place that is pre ordering. And amazon is expected to have this device soon.
  • Oops PayPal
  • Gearbest is awful. They take forever to ship and sometimes takes months.
  • While I can not share the horror stories with gearbest (my shipments from them arrived pretty quick all the time, only one package was lost and resent by GB) I can only discourage you from buying a chuwi product. I have had multiple cheap chinese smartphones in the past and all were pretty decent. The Chuwi Hi 8 Pro is the device that causes me problems: poor battery life, non-working SD card reader - not a recommended manufacturer.
  • Keyboard and pen are sold separate
  • With several person experience incidents with Chuwi, I can and will tell everyone that is curious about them this: They are a very shady company... their products do not work as advertised (if at all) and there is less than zero support. They released a BIOS update with instructions that, if followed correctly, had an excellent chance of bricking your machine. Go on and look in Chuwi's forums on their official site. Or look for drivers. It's a mess and they abandon everything within 6 months. If you want a deal, look elsewhere, especially if you also value your sanity.
  • Weird I have had two tablets ship in less than a week from Gearbest. However, the Chuwi HiBook I got for cheap had potential but the wifi just didn't work right from the start. If you are interested, do your research on their products and check their forums. If you get a working one, it's not a bad deal for something to play around with but their QC needs some work.
  • Love how the article paints a decent picture of the device and the comments suggest otherwise.
  • I won a HI12 tablet on a internet contest and it´s great, while a little slow because of the CPU. I recommend it for those on a budget. It has Android and Windows 10 dual boot. I also bought the metal dock/keyboard for 40 euros and now have a low end notebook as well. I bought it from gearbest and even though it came from China do Portugal (our customs are terrible and add like 30% of taxes) I chose "Priority Line" shipping, which makes it come from Spain, so I didnt pay taxes at all.
  • Why pair a 4k screen with a Celeron processor? 1080p and i3 or m5 or something
  • wish it had core m processor .. hope they do have an option for that later on at the same price..