CHUWI mini HiGame PC expected to hit Indiegogo soon

CHUWI is one of our favorite manufacturers when it comes to budget laptops ― have a look at our reviews for the LapBook 12.3 and Hi13 ― and it has now created a miniature PC that is expected to soon be released through Indiegogo.

The CHUWI HiGame measures just 6.8 in x 6.2 in x 2.87 in (173 mm x 158 mm x 73mm), yet it has everything you'd expect from a standard gaming PC, including dedicated graphics. For ports, you're getting two HDMI 2.0, two DisplayPort 1.3, five USB-A 3.0, one Thunderbolt 3, and Ethernet, plus 3.5mm jacks for a mic and headphones.

There are expected to be two separate configurations with different price points, which will be discounted by 38 percent for anyone who gets in on early bird pricing. For about $999 (regularly priced $1,299), you can get a HiGame with 8th Gen Core i5-8305G processor (CPU), 8GB of RAM, 128GB solid-state drive (SSD), and discrete Radeon Vega M graphics (GPU) with 4GB of HBM2 VRAM.

For a bit more power, there will also be an 8th Gen Core i7-8709G configuration (about $1,299 with the discount applied and about $1,499 thereafter) available. It will feature the same Radeon Vega M GPU and the same 8GB of RAM, though it will have a 256GB SSD.

CHUWI expects the HiGame to target the mid-range gaming market as well as the workstation crowd that needs a bit of extra graphical oomph for multimedia editing and rendering. Thanks to plenty of ports, it should likewise be compatible with Windows Mixed Reality.

If you're interested in the HiGame and what it's expected to bring to the mini-PC market, be sure to visit CHUWI's website where you can sign up for newsletter alerts and get in on early bird pricing. Expect to see the Indiegogo campaign get underway late May or early June 2018.

See HiGame at CHUWI{.cta .shop}

Cale Hunt

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