Clamour is an unofficial Discord app for Windows 10 Mobile

Clamour is an unofficial Discord app for Windows 10 Mobile. The official app development team have yet to release an official app, so this is a handy app for those who rely on the platform and use Microsoft's mobile OS. At the time of writing, Clamour supports messaging, but no voice as-of-yet — though this is reportedly in the works.

The app will enable you to join all your connected servers and even engage in private conversations. Basic functionality is there, and all we need now is support for voice to really make this a compelling solution to Discord on Windows 10 Mobile. Give the app a try by downloading it from the Windows Store for $1.99.

Download Clamour for Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: Clamour

Thanks aurelink for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Woop, excited to try this. Just bought it. To bad there isn't a trial available though.
  • Damn I have to wait until I am home. The setting up is kind of hassle to require a acces token. Keep that in mind ppl!
  • I just emailed myself the code and copied it, worked a treat. If you don't have a PC with you though its a pain.
  • I did it through OneNote syncing. Where's OneClip when you need it though, haha
  • There is Copy Space or Action note for that too :-)
  • Thank you for this WC, exactly what I was looking for! For anyone looking for a fun, active server to hang out in: Https://
  • I am kinda dissapointed that it is paid. I have no problem supporting the developer when he creates an app from his own original idea. But this is 3rd party app of original which is free and he wants money for it. Not okay for me.
  • Nobody would make anything if they don't get paid for it...
  • With your logic there wouldnt be free apps in store. There is still ad revenue.
  • Unfortunatly ads don't give any revenue in Windows apps as of now. 1000 displayed ads =  $0.2 . I fully understand devs making paid apps vs ad-funded apps.  
  • The developer is planning on making a free version with ads.
  • Good to hear.
  • The developer took the time to make an app. If you plan on using it, support them. Don't be a cheapskate.
  • Hi, dev here. I've been working on this app since May, working with a changing and only partially documented API - I made it paid initially to have at least some payoff for the work I did.   I'll eventually go the route of Readit, where I release a free, ad-supported version, a bit further down the line.
  • First off, as a UWP dev myself, I completely understand and support your pricing. That said, would it be possible (in your situation; I know it's possible through dev center) to do a time-limited trial? That way people like me who have never even used Discord could give it a try to see if it's even something we'd use? Keep up the great work!
  • If you've never used Discord, you'd be better off hopping on the website version instead. Someone else in the comments posted a link to their server, as did the developer. Try those first. :)
  • I'll probably do that in the next submission!   You should look at the desktop client first though, as Clamour requires an existing account.
  • Anything in the pipeline for the app? Been a while.
  • Yeah. It's not his idea so he should put all his time and effort into this for free. Go * yourself.
  • I tried and it doesnt work.
  • But you can try stick even deeper into developers ass if thats possible cause it looks like youre good in it.
  • Why don't you save $1.99 and write a 3rd party app for yourself?
  • Here we go again with this logic. Stop being so defensive and butthurt people. Thanks
  • Nobody is butthurt. We're all just calling you out for being a complaining mooch.
  • Sure. Speaking up your opinion and disatisfaction is the new complaining right ? 
  • Do you think your opinion helps attract developers to the platform? Also wanting everything for free is being a mooch, if you want something that someone else had to work to make then pay for it or shut up, don't complain you can't have it because you either can't afford it or you don't feel like paying. Ad views on W10M do not support developers enough to make it a worthwhile investment unless you happen to have millions of users. Paid apps and in app purchases with a few thousand users pulls in a lot more money and is much easier to achieve than getting those million users on an ad supported app.
  • Your "opinion and disatisfaction" is based on the fact that you want a free lunch and is just rubbish because you haven't even used the app. How can you even have an opinion to be dissatisfied? You can't, because you're just a mooch who is complaining about not wanting to pay someone for their time to develop an app. Terrible attitude. You're part of the problem.
  • This app is so welcome! The authentication token was really clever and easy to use. Great job.
  • Works really easy too. Its nowhere near as intimidating as it looks and so worth it :D Super slick UI.
  • But... What is this app for?
  • I came into the comments looking for the answer to this question too. I looked it up. Apparently, it's a free voice and text chat platform aimed at gamers. Hopefully someone who uses it can explain the context in which one might use this instead of other voice/chat platforms.
  • Basically, it has tons of groups that people can join based on their interest. For example, a lot of people are playing WoW right now because of its new expansion, and each class that the players can pick has it's own public Discord channel where they can go to find specific resources or ask questions. Almost every popular game has a set of public Discord channels.
  • It also has a built-in game overlay so you can see who is talking.
  • The article failed to flesh that out for us. I guess I have to do some sleuthing of my own )
  • Exactly!  I was wondering what this app is for...
  • Discord is a Skype for gamers. In fact, it's way lighter/faster than Skype, and much easier to manage
  • It's been amusing see how hard Mike Ybarra has been pushing Discord in his Twitter feed given that Discord's slogan is "It's time to ditch Skype". It's embarassing for Microsoft that they're own employees don't use their own products and services.
  • Think Skype, but with a ton more features, particularly for group messaging and voice chat. Hasn't caught on as much as it could have though since they only support a number of platforms.
  • Many people/popular YouTube gamers use it to talk to their friends on League of Legends from what I have seen.
  • Hello, dev here. You can get in contact with me via Discord on the Clamour public server here: if you have any issues!
  • Thanks for making this! One less thing to have an Android phone open for ;-)
  • App has Continuum also, though there's a lot of empty space. Would be nice if it showed everything at once like the web app.
  • I did try - there ware a few teething issues due to how the UI behaved as I have a menu on each side, so I reverted it as messages seemed to scroll to random places when closing a menu
  • Maybe someday a way to make that work might emerge. But for now at least Continuum is absolutely definitely usable. =)
  • Can you post a screenshot please?
  • Woohoo! Excited to try this! 
  • Great stuff, I mainly just lurk on Discord but glad to have a client on W10M and first impressions are good in terms of UI and core functionality (I'm not a heavy user so there's probably lots missing that doesn't impact me). I also don't think its at all unreasonable to make Clamour a paid app and I'm happy to support devs working on the platform. I'd rather pay once rather than deal with ads and in-app purchases. Is there a Windows Central server on Discord btw?
  • Got this downloaded and installed! I used Firefox to grab the token, and manually entered it. Works great so far! Can't wait for the ability to use Voice! Great app!
  • There's a free one now, it's known to occasionally have issues with sign in but there's a patch in development to fix this and add basically everything