Tilt and teeter your way to victory with Clumsy Ball

Clumsy Ball is a challenging physics-based Windows 10 game where you guide a ball around a gaming board filled with obstacles and dangers. The goal is to collect a series of crystals that opens up an exit portal to the next gaming level. It's the classic tilt maze with a modern digital twist.

Movement is made by tilting your Windows 10 device, by using a virtual joystick or a connected game controller. Teeter the gaming board the wrong way and you may find your ball rolling into a danger or sailing off the board completely. Clumsy Ball is a free game and is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones (including low-memory devices). It is a challenging game that tests your patience, touch and reactions.

Clumsy Ball

Clumsy Ball begins with a few set-up screens to choose your control methods and saved game location that transitions to a brief tutorial on the basics of gameplay. Control methods include using your device's tilt sensors, an on-screen virtual joystick or a keyboard. Clumsy Ball also has support for Xbox controllers.

The goal of Clumsy Ball is to guide a ball around the gaming board to collect a series of crystals and jewels that trigger a portal to open that leads to the next gaming level. Ball movement is done by tilting the gaming board with a series of obstacles to navigate around and dangers to avoid.

Clumsy Ball

Dangers include wind fields, flame throwers and simply falling off the edge of the gaming board. Clumsy Ball does give you a fighting chance at success with three balls per game and if all three are destroyed, you have to restart the level and any progress made flies out the window.

Clumsy Ball

The tilt method of movement seems to work the best from smaller screened devices such as a Windows 10 phone or tablet. Windows 10 PC play isn't terrible using the on-screen joystick or keyboard, but some of the gaming experience is lost when you don't use the tilt sensors.

Clumsy Ball does have a small collection of power-ups that can be purchased with the jewels you collect during gameplay that include protections from fire, wind and more. There is also a series of skins that can be used to customize your ball's appearance.

Gameplay with Clumsy Ball includes thirty individual levels and sixty achievements to unlock. The game does a good job of testing your skills at patience, timing, touch and balance. Graphics are colorful and full of detail, giving Clumsy Ball nice eye appeal.

The free game is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 PC and Phones (including low-memory devices). I do think the game plays out better from the smaller screened devices where you can use the tilt sensor controls, but Clumsy Ball isn't shabby when played from a larger screen.

If you are hunting for a fun game to help you pass the time with, Clumsy Ball is a great option to consider.

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