Gears of War 4 makers helped bring PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Xbox One

The Steam version has broken every record and continues to grow in popularity by the day. However, a lot more work went into the Xbox One port than gamers realize. Microsoft worked directly with Bluehole to ensure that the console version was a great experience.

Microsoft says that its given enhanced support to the team set to bring PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to the market. One of the main forms of support Microsoft provided was lending the expertise of The Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War 4, to make sure it ran well on Xbox One. Nico Bihary, the Executive Producer for the game at Microsoft, said the following to Polygon when asked about the collaboration between the two companies.

There was this global assessment within Microsoft of how can we pair up with this super collaborative, super friendly and incredibly successful — in the short term — group for our partnership to deliver. As you can imagine, there were a lot of raised hands within Microsoft to offer support… PUBG is really getting the boutique, first-party, white-glove treatment from Microsoft… Where we are going well beyond that traditional second-party publishing relationship is by offering services like our first-party quality assurance team, offering services like our advanced technical group, and enlisting folks like The Coalition to help with the aiming and tuning of controller systems.

It's great to see Microsoft offering this much support to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. However, at the same time, it makes you wonder why more developers don't seem to get this much backing. A lot of games on Xbox One release in an unpolished state and it seems as though many game makers just aren't comfortable with the system. It would be great if Microsoft could offer the "white-glove treatment" to others who really needed it too.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox Game Preview on December 12, 2017 for $30. Xbox Game Preview is like Steam Early Access as it allows developers to sell games to Xbox One owners in an unfinished state. If you like multiplayer shooters and want to check out why the PC gaming community loves this title, be sure to purchase it next week. Every Xbox Game Preview experience also comes with a free trial so you can play that before making a purchasing decision.

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Asher Madan

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  • What I've noticed when it comes to Microsoft (as an enterprise customer at least) and if they support assisting with something is that you have to ask. They don't usually state they have this service or that until you say, "Hey MS I want to do this thing, how can you help?" It stems back to MS's Achilles heel of marketing their products. So I'm not surprised that more game developers haven't received the "white-glove" treatment since there probably haven't been many that have asked. On that note though there was a previous game that got this similar treatment when they first started out and that was the first Titanfall.
  • The chinese proverb, "The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life". Rings true for pretty much every occassion.
  • Well said 👌
  • I remember seeing someone shared a power point slide in a Japanese game forum. "Thanks to MS support, to help us achieve our goal" is in one of the slides...
    Ironically, it's a ps4 only game. You can always go to their dev site or forum to ask question or share your knowledge to help out others. If you contact local distributors or advocators, they will come and help you. Same goes with Unity, Unreal and other companies if I'm not wrong.
  • Just like what happened with Darkside Games and Phantom Dust's remake that was cancelled?
  • Awesome, goes to show the xbox team 'get it', now I'm hoping more devs ask for this as well. However it's a question of resource economy, so if more devs ask for this then the Xbox division will need more funds and resources. After all xbox is the only division that has positive development and momentum behind it. Sure WoA is awesome but the devices are to hit next spring, by then SD845 will be out. I only hope the delay is due to pending optimisations for SD845 and the WoA laptops will ship with SD845 not SD835.
  • Let's hope so
  • Wish someone else had helped PUBG to fix optimization problem as well
  • I'm gonna buy that new NVIDIA Titan V. I reckon that might be able to play PUBG ok ;-)
  • Lol