Gears of War 4 getting 500 gamerscore worth of new achievements in December

Gears of War 4 may have wrapped up the bulk of its additional content over its first year, but developer The Coalition continues to support the game with more monthly additions and events. December is no different, with the official Gears of War Twitter account teasing some new achievements and the annual Gearsmas event. In all, players will be able to earn 500 gamerscore worth of new achievements.

A full list of new achievements isn't available yet, but this serves as another way to get achievement hunter interested in popping back into the game once again. This also isn't the first time The Coalition has added a batch of new achievements to the game. Over the summer, Gears' massive Rise of the Horde update added 20 new achievements, providing plenty of new gamerscore to pick up. Of course, just like last year, Gears players will be able to take part in some holiday festivities in December with Gearsmas. The 2016 event featured plenty of unique holiday-themed gear skins to collect, so it's sure to be a festive time again.

Gears of War 4 is just over a year old at this point, but The Coalition has kept busy adding new content. If you have yet to try the game, you can dive into the free trial on your Xbox One before buying. The game was also added to the Xbox Game Pass lineup on December 1, so subscribers can check it out as part of their membership.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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