Codemaster's is bringing GRID back to life for 2019

What you need to know

  • New GRID game slated to launch September 13.
  • First in the series since 2014.
  • The previous title, GRID Autosport, is playable on Xbox One through backward compatibility.

Codemasters has been known for many a racing title over the years, but one of its popular franchises, GRID, has been dormant for a while. Aside from 2014's GRID Autosport coming to mobile and Nintendo Switch, all has been quiet, but now, the lights are out and there's a new title screaming our way.

Slated to launch on September 13, GRID is coming back to life for its first proper outing on the current generation of consoles, and will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC.

GRID is neither a full-on arcade racer nor a hyper-realistic sim, instead aiming to strike a balance between the two. It's also got some pretty high-level talent behind it, with none other than double F1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso, on board as a consultant and in-game opponent alongside his esports team.

"Having competed across F1®, Endurance and Stock Racing, GRID is the perfect game for me and I'm delighted the studio has added both myself and my racing team into the game. GRID offers so much variety and I welcome the challenge when players get to line-up against me."

GRID will feature racing across a range of classes, including GT, Touring, Stock, Muscle, Super-Modified, and a number of different race types. And judging by the early promo images, fans are going to be pretty excited for this.

The new GRID should be with us in mid-September, but if you simply can't wait that long, GRID Autosport is currently available to play on Xbox One through backward compatibility.

Pre-orders for the new GRID are already up in Europe, with the Ultimate Edition giving the first three season of content, a number of special edition cars and a three-day early access period.

Richard Devine
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