Nokia Lumia 620

If there was on market the affordable and adored Lumia 620 could make a large impact on it would be India, so it’s great to see that the phone is officially now available there for purchase. We reported a few days ago that the 620 was available from Flipkart for preorder at 15199 rupees, but now users can get it right from Nokia too.

The phone can be bought direct for 14999 rupees ($275 USD) and comes in all six colors, including white, matte black, magenta, cyan, yellow and green.

The 3.8” 800x480 display device may be small, but it packs a nice little punch with its dual-core 1GHz S4 processor, 512MB of RAM, NFC, Wi-Fi, Front-facing camera and ClearBlack display. You can read our full review here from a few weeks back, and you’ll see just how much the phone impressed us.

We see no reason why this phone shouldn’t sell: it has Windows Phone 8, it’s awesome looking and it’s affordable (relatively). So let’s go India, let’s make this phone a hit.

Source: Nokia (India); Thanks, sri_tech, Swapnil, S.M.A.Sithick and everyone else for the tips!