ComiXology retiring Windows 8 app, giving users $5 in credit to make amends

If you're a comic book fan who does a lot of reading through the ComiXology app on Windows 8, your time with the app is coming to a close. ComiXology is letting users know that it has decided to retire its Windows 8 app in favor of a new, "enhanced" browser experience. Here's an excerpt of the email being sent out to users:

"We recently decided to focus our development efforts on delivering a great web experience, announcing a release that includes enhanced library management using your browser and, as a result, we wanted to let you know that we have removed our Windows 8 app from download and will be retiring it. You'll still be able to download and read inside of your Windows app through the end of the year After that date, on Windows OS devices, you'll be able to download and read your comics through our web experience at, or, as always, through our apps for Fire Tablet, Android and iOS devices."

It's definitely a bit of a downer to see the app go, but at least you'll be able to keep reading through the end of the year. As a means of recompense, ComiXology notes that it is adding $5 in credit to users' accounts, so you can get an extra comic or two out of the loss.

Thanks to HidingTrouble for the tip!

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  • Sky is falling again! /S Also what's a comic book? jk
  • I don't know
  • Not too big of a deal, and it's nice of them to give everyone $5 in credit. That's more than most do.
  • So, am I reading this correctly, there getting rid of their windows 8 app (desktop, tablet, and phone app) but keeping their android and ios app, giving us a great web experience????? So their not making any profits even on the desktop app on windows??? I honestly don't care, but that sound fishy unless the windows phone app isn't the same one because it's free on windows phone; so why would the give $5 if its free???
  • I guess you have to pay for the comics.
  • You have to pay for the comics either way.
  • It's like if someone bought comics, thinking they could read them on their windows device, this sort of pulls the rug out from under them, so it's a small apology to affected people.
  • You can still read them on the browsers of a windows device. Just the app is going the way of the dodo. Frankly, that's not a bad thing, because that was one of the worst apps on my Transformer.
  • Yeah when I got the email I wasn't shocked and to be honest the web version isn't that bad. 
  • I actually stopped using the app because the web experience was better, so this does make sense.
  • That's why this, they remove app since Windows users use the web browser
  • Sounds like another case of you don't need an app for that, unless you use some inferior IOS or Android device.
  • You have to check out their web app. Blows all the others away!!!
  • Or you want to read the comics offline. Can you do that with the web version?
  • That doesn't even make sense
  • Unless, you know, you want to *read offline*.
  • windows new build available :))
  • Sometimes we focus on apps too much when browser access is fine or even excellent.
  • As it should be... TBO and we can pin sites.
  • For a reading app? Try this: disconnect your phone, computer or tablet from wifi and data.  Then try going to the browser and reading ComiXology. Yeah, not so much.
  • We should actually be mad at ComiXology for that. I can read my kindle books offline with or without a Kindle app. I can listen to my Audible books offline with or without the Audible app. ComiXology's brand of DRM is attrocious. The release states that they will allow offline reading for Windows machines after they retire the app, so this actually is great for consumers.
  • "Cover" is a much, much better, and well supported Universal Windows app for comics, books, etc.
  • Not even remotely the same.  Not to mention that I wouldn't even call cover the best cbr reader in the store.
  • What is the best CBR reader then? I've been using Cover, but if there are better options I'll give them a shot.
  • In cases like this I don't even understand why they have Android and iOS apps. If only their users weren't trained like Pavlovs dogs to always look for apps for everything we'd all be better off. So much development would be better directed towards the web.
  • And Chrome OS would become the OS of choice and google would once again prosper.
  • Please think before you speak:  how is a web version better for an offline reading experience?
  • Paper versions are the way forward, no one to mess about with the content you've bought!
  • Well the app sucks. I've been using off and on for years and for months now every week. It constantly has issues downloading, sometimes forgets what you have already downloaded and still has no way to manage/sort the collection on the device. This is the RT app I'm talking about. It great for reading on and the app does a great job when reading. Everything else is a mess and I was betting it would be dropped instead of fixed. So after spending a ton of money this last 4 months I/my sons will have no way to read those books unless the Wi-Fi is on. How is that better? Let is RT users keep reading with the current app, it can't be costing you anything and give us a decent win 10 universal app that can be used offline just by porting the Android or IOS version.
  • Apps support offline reading; the website does not. Sure, the current app was terrible, but this loss is not a good thing.
  • Reading is key. "You'll still be able to download and read inside of your Windows app through the end of the year After that date, on Windows OS devices, you'll be able to download and read your comics through our web experience at"
  • "Download and read your comics through our web experience" just means you can view them online - won't work while you're offline. Just some clever wording to hopefully trick some people into thinking they'll still be able to offline their comics. Poor form - I've paid for a product that will no longer work the way it did. It's like buying a TV and then it gets an update, and now only streams music.    
  • Typical fanboy mentality with the "I don't use it" dismissal. One crucial thing a website wont give you is offline access so how is that a viable substitute? You fools will cry about instagram not updating their app and turn round and be hypocrites when stuff like this happens because you don't use it. Such a bunch of morons.
  • The apps support offline reading; the website does not. Sure, the current app was terrible, but this loss is not a good thing.
  • The browser is experience is decent, but what about reading offline? Less than a handful of the comics I own with Comixology have a downloadable backup, so this is a big bummer.
  • So how do you read them offline via the web? That doesn't make sense to me.
  • See them coming back when porting of web apps to Windows becomes available.
  • That app was terrible since day 1.  Truth! But Amazon doesn't fully support Microsoft mobile devices so this isn't that surprising.  
  • I just dont understand these people.  Why not support windows.  I wish there was more compitition in this area.
  • I guess that means no comic book reading without Wi-Fi. I hope they will not be surprised if the piracy rate increases a little bit after that.
  • Just means I might start buying paper comics again
  • This is a bitter pill to swallow. I mean, Comixology has had a Windows 8 app sine Windows 8 was a Beta. It was awful, and still is in many ways, but at least you could potentially download a bunch of comics and read them offline. Making buying digital a reality and a convenience had eliminated much piracy. I see this as a step in the wrong direction.
  • Really? A great web experience? Nothing is great about it if u need a web browser to have constant internet access to access comics in the library and internet access to read each page by page. Sounds like a step backwards. I like to download a bunch of comics per week read them then archive. Now I can't huh? Great bogos web experience. Now I have to do what all my other friends do and search online for free .cbr type files of comics. All for free. I guess I won't be paying for comics anymore and will be canceling my membership to comixology soon. Another reason for me to save money
  • 1. Never used it 2. It sucked 3. I'm switching all my bank accounts to Wells Fargo 4. They're obviously concentrating all their effort on a Universal app
  • Touché
  • This is why we need a top-notch browser!
  • Was hoping for an Universal App and now This
    Well, i will stop using it after that
  • Yeah I'm super bummed out by this. I was holding out hope for a Universal app as well. The offline reading is key. I used to load up dozens of comics for plan rides on my Surface. In fact, the Surface is awesome for comics-- the big screen in portrait mode let me see full pages instead of the guided view which is good, but not always the way the artist intended. I have a android tablet, but the screen is smaller and storage space is small. As a big comics fan, and a big fan of comixology's service, this is a huge letdown.  
  • I dont think you could ever read comics off line.  Anytime you open a comic it would call home and if could not reach out it would never open.  Anyway they suck and I hope a new company comes along and eats their lunch!      
  • You could read offline if you are using the app, unless the app bugs out on you. The Windows 8 app is notorious for bugs.
  • Lol at the fanboys who go "you don't need an app for that". Offline reading, ever thought of that?
  • Hopefully marvel unlimited comes to the Windows store
  • Well.... I'm done with them. I've put up with their god awful windows app for ages in the hopes that they would fix it. Now this. According to the mail I got they would allow downloads from their web portal after years end when the app is retired. I'll believe when I see it. In either case I'm not rewarding them for screwing me over like this. Back to hard copy.
  • A shame that it is leaving.
    Yes sure the website on the browser was better but still another app bites the dust. At least they could've updated it to make it better but that is not the case. Oh well Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I use the Windows 8 Comixology app on my Surface Pro 3 and I'm disappointed there will not be a Windows 10 version that offers the features of the Apple and Android apps. The website really isn't as good as an app so, even though I will still probably upgrade to Surface Pro 4, I won't be using it to read comics. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That grass keeps getting less and less green. Sorry to burst yas bubble, but it no looking good for WP. Just read on Android central MS is close to building an Android device. This would not surprise me as MS offers basically the same google services...maps, OneDrive, email, Bing, etc.
  • Fine, but what mobile browser works with their web app.
  • Judging from the underwhelming performance my apps and games have performed on Windows 8 Store (not phone), I can understand why people are dropping support.
  • Expect more developers to "retire" their Windows 8 touch apps. I guess my Surface RT is useful as a door stop.
  • why did you buy rt?
  • Meh, the website is much better than the app anyway.
  • But the "great" web experience isn't good enough for iOS or Android.
  • You guys really need to read an entire article before griping. The press release clearly states that they plan on rolling out an offline mode for windows PCs after they retire the app at the end of the year.
  • I checked the announcement and didn't see any mention of offline mode. Even so, it's doesn't justify the change considering that they will support the more popular platforms. This announcment also suggests that they will not attempt to create Universal app via bridging technologies (the porting stuff they showed off earlier in the year). If that were the case, I bet they would've mentioned that a new version was coming soon instead of disappointing everyone like this.
  • "You'll still be able to download and read inside of your Windows app through the end of the year After that date, on Windows OS devices, you'll be able to download and read your comics through our web experience at" In point of fact, they never supported the platform to begin with. The Windows app was always a buggy mess that got neglected from the beginning.
  • So you were wrong, right?  There is no offline mode for windows planned.  At least I'm just reading it that way.  There is no offline more if you have to use the web to read.  I mean what good is there to being able to dl my comics, but be forced to hook up the web to read them.  
  • What does 'download' mean in your world? The language clearly indicates that the current abilities of the app will be supported on the website once the app goes away. There are tons of websites that have offline functionality thanks to a thing called 'browser cache'. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Given how their Windows 8 app remains terribly buggy after so many years of feedbacks and complaints, as well as the vagueness of that email, I would not be surprised if their "web experience" requires you to be connected in order to use their web viewer to view your downloaded comics. 
  • Then they wonder people torrent and use programs like ComicRack. 
  • I just got an email from Comixology, responding to a question I asked, and they confirmed that I will not be able to read offline on my Windows device after the new year. I'm unclear as to what will happen then to the comics I've already downloaded. Will they simply disappear? Will I still be able to use the app to read those comics even if I can't download anything else?