Concur missing from WP7

Concur, the company that specializes in travel management and expenditure, has still yet to enter into the Windows Phone Marketplace with an offering for businesses who have adopted the platform (Dell is a well established Concur client and provided their employees with free Venue Pro handsets (opens in new tab)).

What's more interesting is Trip-It was purchased by the company (opens in new tab) earlier this year, so one would hope for Concur to push forward with WP7 adoption (although we do already have a superb Trip-It app (opens in new tab)). With businesses relying on the services of Concur, one could make the assumption that should companies look at WP7 as an option for employees then they may find the platform switch impossible due to lack of support for their travel expense management.

Source: Concur (opens in new tab), thanks sixsevenj for the tip (opens in new tab)!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • My company uses Concur as well, as their mobile site works just fine on my Focus. I use My Trips to view trip information, which as you pointed out that Concur purchased Trip It, reservations are automatically sent to Trip It.
  • I'm scared of the result considering Concur products are among the least user-friendly I've ever seen (especially Concur Expense)