Conker's Big Reunion for Project Spark will cost $4.99 for Xbox One and Windows 8.1

Microsoft will charge $4.99 for the previously announced Conker's Big Reunion DLC pack for Project Spark, the free-to-play game creation tool for the Xbox One and Windows 8.1. The pack, which will still be released on April 23, can also be purchased with 500 in-game tokens.

There's also the option to purchase the Conker Mega Pack, which will include Conker's Big Reunion, the Conker Creation Pack, the Conker Champion (playable in Champions Quest and Crossroads) and episode 1 of Champions Quest for $9.99 or 1,000 in-game tokens.

This will be the first official Conker game by Microsoft in some time. The very adult squirrel was the star of Rare's classic M-rated action-platformer Conker's Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64. Microsoft released a remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded, for the original Xbox in 2005.

Microsoft's Team Dakota stated:

Conker is the first step to bring a beloved franchise to Project Spark. With the Conker Creation Pack, players will be able to build their own Conker games and tell their own Conker stories. There's no telling what people are going to create (Our moderators are standing by! Hehe) and everything our creators share will be available for free for anyone to play. It's going to be pretty exciting!We didn't want our community to have all the fun in bringing back Conker so we're also building the first episode in an all new Conker adventure, called Conker's Big Reunion. This hour long experience is meant to play like what you'd expect from a Conker game. Team Dakota has built this episode with the same simple yet powerful creation tools our community uses today so it's also a great way to get inspired by what the Project Spark platform is capable of creating.

There's no word yet if Team Dakota plans to release any additional episodes of Conker's Big Reunion for Project Spark.

Source: Project Spark

  • I want them to remake conkers bad fur day the n64 version!
  • I want a new one. So funny and fun.
  • They did. It was called Conker: Live and Reloaded. It sold ok, probably better than the original, but still not well enough.
  • Would be cool for a phone version of project spark to come out, should be easy for Microsoft to port this game for 1gb ram phones :)
  • Any one else holding off purchasing anything till cross-buy and Win 10 is here...
  • I am, for DLCs
  • But your comment really doesn't even make sense for this article... because if you buy/unlock a DLC for Project Spark, it will appear on either xbox one or PC.
  • As Emi noted, Project Spark already has cross-buy on Windows 8 and Xbox One.
  • Awesome! And a great price too!
  • Great IP and they waste it on this....
  • Post poo. Mods are asleep lol.
  • I loved Conker on N64.. Fond memories as a kid. Was excited till I read this was an add on for Spark. Not really interested in creating my own game, just wanna play a full Conker game already made lol.
  • This DLC has a real playable Conker adventure in it, so you don't have to make anything.
  • I hope you do a video review of it when it comes out
  • Great idea! If my schedule allows, I'll have to do that.
  • Or stream it!  If it's about an hour long, it would work perfect for one of your streams.
  • You don't have to create your own game. You can play games people have created, including this Conker game created by Microsoft.